About Beanie Day

When my wife Kirralee and I set up the Mark Hughes Foundation we wanted to make a difference, and make a difference fast! When you live with brain cancer you really appreciate how precious time is. We have to make every minute count. We wanted to raise money for research – FAST. Kiz suggested we sell beanies as a lot of brain cancer patients wear beanies to cover scars, bandages, loss of hair and just to keep warm. Thus “Beanie for Brain Cancer” was born in 2014. 

We dove into the project and with the help of some great sponsors, volunteers, family and friends we raised $150,000 through beanie sales and Beanie Day Fundraisers held in homes, schools and work places around the Hunter Region. It was an amazing amount to achieve in our first year!

Last year, with a bit of experience under our belt and a big media push, our humble little beanie fundraiser raised over $450,000!! We could hardly believe it.

The money has quickly been pushed into where it is needed most. We’re a small foundation with just 2 part time staff and a lot of helpers. The money we raise goes directly to finding a cure, better treatments and patient care.

So far this money had been used to establish a brain cancer biobank, establish various Travel Grants, and fund a round of brain cancer research projects carefully selected by the MHF Scientific Committee.

So as you can see, from a simple idea to sell beanies to fundraise, our Beanie for Brain Cancer campaign has grown year after year and is already making an impact on the lives of many.

Every cent counts and your support – whether purchasing a beanie or donating and wearing a beanie at a Beanie Day event – is greatly appreciated.

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