How your money helps

The money raised by the MHF Beanie for Brain Cancer campaign will be used to fund vital brain cancer research, and to support patients and families suffering from the disease.

The Mark Hughes Foundation has worked tirelessly to raise funds for brain cancer research and support. Through our partnership with the Hunter Medial Research Inititute (HMRI) we are able to ensure that the vast majority of funds raised go straight to the front line of brain cancer research.

Already, generous donations to MHF have allowed the Foundation to fund:

  • A state of the art brain cancer biobank at Hunter Medical Research Institute – a vital resource for researchers
  • A dedicated Brain Cancer care Coordinator at John Hunter Hospital which has not only assisted so many patients and their families but it part of a wider research project to quantify the cost benefits of the government funding positions like these across the country.
  • Various Travel Grants to allow brain cancer researchers attend international conferences to present their work and establish important research collaborations
  • We have a PHD student undertaking a two year project at HMRI and SNOG looking into IDH-MUTATED GLIOMA, a much needed area of research.
  • A pilot project with Dr Jennette Sakoff which could help us to identify disease progression through blood tests
  • Communal brain cancer research register with Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia
  • A three year “HMRI Clinical Research Fellowship” for Brain Cancer to Dr. Mike Fay in the area of radiation oncology.

This year's Beanie for Brain Cancer Campaign is aiming to raise $500,000, this will be able to fund a 3 year Research Fellowship in another brain cancer research area. Fellowships such as these are a game changer, advancing this area of brain cancer research and supporting a talented, highly qualified Medical Researcher. This fellowship will enable a doctor to focus and dedicate their time to brain cancer research, collaborating with researchers in laboratories, conducting clinical trials and caring for their own cancer patients. The better treatments and outcomes that we all dream of will come from medical research outcomes and together, through the funds raised from this campaign, we can make those dreams come true.

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