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Mark Hughes Foundation Beanie for Brain Cancer

Hughes FamilyIt seems an understatement to say that my diagnosis of brain cancer in July 2013 was life changing, and yet it truly was. 

What followed my diagnosis was an overwhelming level of support from family, friends and the community, which helped me to maintain a positive mindset throughout my treatment. It was this support that led my wife Kirralee and I to form the Mark Hughes Foundation, as a way of repaying those who had helped me, and to help others in my position.  

We were astounded to discover the appalling brain cancer statistics in this country and the inexplicable lack of funding for research. You too are probably shocked to know brain cancer kills more children than any other disease, and kills more people under 40 in Australia than any other cancer - yet it receives less than 5% of government cancer research funding.

We set out to help change this.

In 2016, our humble little beanie fundraiser raised over $450,000! We could hardly believe it. In 2017, with the support of Channel Nine, the NRL Footy Show and Matt Callander, our expectations were surpassed once again. Thanks to the amazing support of the NRL Beanie For Brain Cancer Round, the Foundation raised $2.3million throughout Beanie for Brain Cancer week. Learn more about Beanie Day here. The Beanie round reached new heights in 2018, hitting a staggering $3.5million from beanie sales and beanie day fundraisers.

In 2019 we're hoping to raise the bar even more.

With your assistance, these much needed funds help to find a cure for brain cancer, create awareness and support brain cancer patients and their families.

So please, buy a beanie or organise a Beanie Day with your friends, your school, your workmates or your team and get fundraising!

Thanks, Mark Hughes and the MHF Team

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Head of the class!

Get your class or school to host a fun Beanie Day, create awareness and raise funds to help us tackle brain cancer.

It’s easy! Pick a date, ideally during beanie week (July 29 – August 2), invite all of your students and teachers to wear a beanie, and make a donation. Get the students involved in raising individual funds with prizes for the most money raised.

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Beanie Up for Round 19!

We were absolutely blown away by the support the Mark Hughes Foundation received during the 2018 NRL Beanie for Brain Cancer Round. Matt Callander was an Executive Producer at Channel 9 for many years, and a friend of MHF. 

He lost his battle with brain cancer in October 2017 after being diagnosed with an aggressive Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multi-form (GBM) brain tumour 18 months prior. The NRL Beanie for Brain Cancer Round was Matt’s ‘brainchild' and it is incredible to have such wonderful support as we continue this year with Round 19 (July 25-28) set to be the NRL Beanie Round.

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I'm helping tackle brain cancer


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I'm helping tackle brain cancer


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