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Mark Hughes Foundation Beanie for Brain Cancer

Hughes FamilyIt seems an understatement to say that my diagnosis of brain cancer in July 2013 was life changing, and yet it truly was. 

What followed my diagnosis was an overwhelming level of support from family, friends and the community, which helped me to maintain a positive mindset throughout my treatment. It was this support that led my wife Kirralee and I to form the Mark Hughes Foundation, which we launched in March 2014, as a way of repaying those who had helped me, and to help others in my position.  

We were astounded to discover the appalling brain cancer statistics in this country and the inexplicable lack of funding for research. You too are probably shocked to know brain cancer kills more children than any other disease, and kills more people under 40 in Australia than any other cancer - yet it received less than 5% of government cancer research funding.

We set out to help change this. Since we first came up with the idea to sell beanies to raise funds for research back in 2014 we have sold close to 500,000 beanies and raised millions of dollars for brain cancer research and funded Brain Cancer Care nurses in regional Australia. Our annual Beanie Campaign is our major fundraiser and makes a big difference to brain cancer patients and their families today… and into the future. 

That’s why, today, as we prepare to launch our 2020 Beanie for Brain Cancer campaign in these unpredictable times, we need you more than ever!  Unfortunately brain cancer doesn’t take a break for a pandemic crisis. So, we must continue to raise awareness and raise the funds that allows our brilliant scientists to continue researching and our wonderful Brain Cancer Care nurses to keep caring.

As the Covid-19 crisis continues to evolve with regulations changing daily there is little we can predict about the future apart from one fact. The Mark Hughes Foundation will forge ahead with our 2020 Beanie for Brain Cancer campaign - because we don’t dare stop. It is too important. 

As things stand at the moment our 2020 beanies will go on sale from June 1 and we can’t wait to reveal our brand new designs which include our very first kids’ beanie! 

We understand times are tough right now but, if you’re in a position to support us during this trying time, that would be amazing and we appreciate your support - more than ever! Stay tuned via our socials, check in through the website, or sign up for the newsletter and we’ll keep you updated as things change. 

But one thing is for certain, if all goes to plan, you WILL be able to Buy a Beanie right here on our website (and from selected IGA and Lowes stores) from June 1.

Take care of each other and thanks again for helping us tackle brain cancer.

Thanks, Mark Hughes and the MHF Team

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MHF1200x780 ROUND 6

Beanie Up for Beanie Round 6

This year will be an NRL Beanie for Brain Cancer round like no other! At one stage it looked like there would be no rounds of league so we are very lucky and grateful to the NRL to have included the Beanie round in this year’s fixtures. All things considered we are fortunate to be getting any games back up and running - let alone our Beanie round! The no crowds policy at the games currently means we won’t have the crowds of fans wearing their beanies in the stands this year but that’s okay. You can still support the NRL Beanie round during round 6 from the comfort of your lounge room! 

We would love to see your MHF beanies on at home so purchase now to be ready, and tag us in your photos during the NRL Beanie for Brain Cancer round 18-21 June.

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I'm helping tackle brain cancer


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I'm helping tackle brain cancer


I'm helping tackle brain cancer


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I'm helping tackle brain cancer


I'm helping tackle brain cancer


I'm helping tackle brain cancer


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I'm helping tackle brain cancer


I'm helping tackle brain cancer


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I'm helping tackle brain cancer


I'm helping tackle brain cancer


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I'm helping tackle brain cancer


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I'm helping tackle brain cancer


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I'm helping tackle brain cancer