2022 Beanies - Coming Soon!


A "Beanieficiary" - put simply, is  someone who benefits from these little beanies whether that be today, tomorrow or generations from now. Every cent raised from the sale of MHF beanies goes towards research into brain cancer. The more we can inject into research programs now, means better diagnostics, treatment options and ultimately a cure for brain cancer. These beanies help patients battling brain cancer today and give hope for brain cancer patients of the future. It may not be you - but sadly, it could be your parent, sibling, uncle, your friend, your future child or great grandchild. We all benefit from these little beanies – and our hope for the future is that no one will have to battle this insidious disease.

Please meet some fellow travellers who have joined our crusade to tackle brain cancer. Some are patients currently in treatment, survivors, those that have lost loved ones to this disease and benefactors who also believe we can make a difference! So please, join us - buy a beanie, organise your own beanie fundraiser, get along to an NRL beanie round game and help us tackle brain cancer!

Michelle's Story!

Michelle, a busy nurse, mum and wife was enjoying life until one day in 2020 when the words on the patient's chart she was reading became completely unrecognisable. Her life was forever changed from that moment on.


Olivia's Story!

Olivia Addison was a vibrant, caring, sparkling 21 year old full of dreams and aspirations with a view to change the world. Her dream was to raise $50,000 to help us tackle brain cancer so that others might not suffer the fate she did.


Matt's Story!

Matt Callander, was a Channel 9 sports producer for many years and a friend of MHF. He lost his battle with brain cancer in October 2017 after being diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour 18 months prior.