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2024 Beanies Coming Soon!

Buy a 'Live for Liv' Scarf

The 2023 Live for Liv scarf is much more than just a scarf. It’s a special gift that saves lives, inspires us and wraps us in love. 
What looks like a beautiful fashion statement is actually a symbol of hope and one very special girl’s dream to raise awareness and $50,000 to research the disease that ultimately took her young life - Brain Cancer.

It’s no surprise that the black and white pattern teams perfectly with the new MHF beanies - the Live for Liv Scarf is a collaboration with the Mark Hughes Foundation.
It has the softness, beauty and light of Olivia within its threads.  When you wear it… you’ll not only look good and feel good… but you’ll be doing good.

Scarf measures 180 x 30cm. 100%  polyester cotton

In loving memory and the spirit of Olivia Caitlin Addison. 
Click here to read Olivia’s story in the words of her mum, Jenny.

Buy a Live for Liv Scarf Online