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Hosting a Beanie Day fundraiser?

Set up your beanie day fundraiser here! Whether you’re having a party on zoom, a party of five, or your school is holding a beanie day… you can make your donations online and let people know about your fundraiser right here!  

Even though we can’t really all physically gather together at the moment - it doesn’t mean we can’t come together to help an important cause! Whether you’re getting together online on FaceTime, Houseparty or Zoom, having a few friends, flatmates or family at your house (stick to the latest Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing please), holding a beanie day fundraiser at work, or school - you can set up your fundraiser on our Everyday Hero portal. Here you will be able to share your beanie fundraiser amongst your friends, family, team mates, workplace, and school. Get the word out! And don’t forget to put some fun in your fundraiser!

Also please share your beanie pics or screenshots of your video meetings online with us  by using #mhfbeanie We love to see everyone in their beanies! 

Thanks for your support!

Everyday Hero

Your Everyday Hero fundraising page is a valuable tool in raising awareness of your event, and helping to collect and manage your donations. You can use this page to let your network of friends, relatives, team mates, colleagues and classmates know that you are fundraising to tackle brain cancer. 

Here are some tips to get your online fundraising page working for you...

  • Use social media: Post a link to your Fundraising Page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and wherever you connect with the people in your life. You can also raise awareness of your efforts by putting a beanie on your Facebook profile picture!
  • Sign off with a Beanie Day reminder: add a link to your Fundraising Page in your email signature at home and work. Try something like: I'm helping the Mark Hughes Foundation tackle brain cancer. Donate to my Beanie Day event online here!
  • Share with your friends to round up support: you can share your event with friends directly from Everyday Hero, or simply copy the link and send an email to your contact list!
  • Update your Fundraising page to let your supporters know how you are going reaching your goal. Make sure to publicly thank anyone who does donate to your event, and respond to any comments from your supporters. The more active your Beanie Fundraiser page is, the more likely people are to get involved!
  • A few gentle reminders along the way never go astray!

Visit here to set up a Fundraiser on Everyday Hero and Download our guide on how to use your Everyday Hero fundraising page. 

If it's all a bit much… no problem! Why not keep it simple Buy a Beanie or you can simply Make a Donation on our website.

We understand times are tough right now but, if you’re in a position to support us during this trying time, that would be amazing and we greatly appreciate your support - now, more than ever!

Can I hold a Beanie Fundraiser?

Set up your beanie fundraiser on our Everyday Hero portal, whether you’re running a marathon or holding a beanie fundraiser on FaceTime, Houseparty or Zoom, at home, at work or at your school.

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