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2024 Beanies Coming Soon!

Brian's Best Brains Unite!

brian kelly 768How do you solve brain cancer? Well how about we start by gathering all the brightest brains in brain cancer research working together, sharing information, testing innovative ideas and all working to solve the puzzle of brain cancer. Great idea! So who can make that happen? Brian can - with a helping hand from the Mark Hughes Foundation! Read how Brian is gathering the brightest brains in brain cancer here.

About Professor Brian Kelly

Professor Brian Kelly is Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the University of Newcastle and a mental health researcher and clinician. “As a supporter and advocate of the Mark Hughes Foundation and the outstanding work they do with brain cancer patients, their families and brain cancer researchers, I’ve been delighted to work with them at the University of Newcastle as we work towards strengthening our research partnerships to deliver better outcomes in brain cancer. Our new partnership will deliver a Chair in Brain Cancer at the University of Newcastle and a dedicated team of researchers to support them. I’m thrilled to don a beanie to show my support for MHF and look forward to seeing how we can deliver solutions to improve the lives of everyone impacted by brain cancer.”