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Living without Liv

Live for Liv Newsletter3 ResizedImageWzgwMCw0Njdd2Olivia Addison was a vibrant, caring, generous, loving, sparkling 21 year old full of dreams and aspirations with a view to change the world. Her dream was to raise awareness and funds to help our Foundation continue our quest to find a cure for Brain Cancer so that others might not suffer the fate she did. Olivia’s brother Lewis, Mum Jenny and Aunty Susan vowed to keep her dream alive. Read Olivia's Story here....

Olivia's Light

Olivia’s light surrounded all those who knew her.

She was a canvas, cast with colours, shades, spirit and inspiration and was evolving into a beautiful, intelligent and joyous young woman. Olivia was mesmerising with a wicked and resourceful sense of humour forging the path towards the strength and courage she would be compelled to embrace over the coming months.

With amazing acceptance and resilience after the initial diagnosis in April 2016 she fought with a determined strength alongside her loving and supportive family. Olivia appeared to be recovering well after the initial invasive surgery and had set her sights on returning to work and to fulfilling the life, goals and ambitions she had dreamed of. However, fate for Olivia and her families constant love and enduring courage, gave way to the inevitability that her aggressive tumour was to return.

Olivia passed away peacefully at home surrounded by her family and her beloved fiancé, Daniel on 27th July, 2017.

Olivia lived not only for herself… she lived for everyone. Her greatest wish was to raise awareness and funds for Brain Cancer Research. As a family it was a necessity to uphold Olivia’s dream, spirit and sparkle, to keep her momentum for life alive. Her wish was the impetus to drive our motivation and we committed ourselves to embrace her spirit with fundraising and by creating awareness in our local community about this invasive disease.

We made a promise to our beautiful girl that we will continue our quest with devotion to “Live For Liv”. It became paramount that we deliver Olivia’s wish. Throughout Olivia’s illness we had become increasingly aware of The Mark Hughes Foundation and of their philosophy and drive to raise funds for research, to create awareness and to support brain cancer victims and their families. The MHF ethos “we believe everything is possible” inspired our decision to collaborate our fundraising with this Foundation.

Since 2014 the MHF has sold 800,000 beanies, raising well over $24 million. The campaign continues to grow year after year with the ability to create a social awareness with the inclusion of the NRL and other major contributors. This collaboration allows for a wider audience to understand and support the significance of this disease.

Olivia’s love of fashion and her passion for scarves drove our creativity to produce designs and inspirations for a collection of scarves to be sold in conjunction with the MHF beanies. To date we have sold 1,600 scarves and raised $29,000 for the MHF and are well on our way to fulfilling Olivia’s wish. This Foundation is a testament to the philosophy of family and how this family together will find a cure for brain cancer. The generosity of this Foundation and its partners is beyond reproach, a family sharing a commonality working together towards an important medical goal. This not-for-profit organisation delivers to the core, delivers to where it is most needed. And we have been embraced as a member of this truly remarkable lineage.

But above all else, the Mark Hughes Foundation allows for Olivia’s canvas of dreams and aspirations to be embellished and for her light to be constant, forever shining.

Look out for Olivia's family in the media as part of the MHF 'Beanieficiary’ campaign. We thank the Addison family for sharing her story, giving us their precious time and energy so generously and for continuing Olivia's dream and raising money for brain cancer. To purchase a 'Live for Liv' scarf and help us tackle brain cancer click here.