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2024 Beanies Coming Soon!

Theming and Decoration

In the immortal words of David Bowie and the New Radicals, when it comes to your Beanie Day – Don’t hold back! Let yourself go! No beanie idea for your fundraising Beanie Day is too crazy, so put on your thinking beanies and come up with some madcap food, games, decorations and fundraising! Here’s a few kick starters to get your brain into the beanie headspace...


Theming and DecorationWhat better way to get people involved in an event than to offer some tasty treats. Obviously not all of your offerings need to be beanie themed, but if you'd like to have a bit of fun with the theme, why not try one of these ideas:

  • "Beanie" bean salad,
  • Baked Beanie Jaffles,
  • Cupcakes with beanie toppers, buttercream icing piped into a beanie shape, or simply cupcakes topped with jelly beanies, 
  • and of course... big bowls of chocolate or jelly beanies!


Often the silliest sounding ideas for games lead to the most memorable fun. We've listed a few ideas, but let your imagination run wild!

  • Celebrity Beanie – just like celebrity heads, but stick the names to the front of your beanies.
  • Best or silliest beanie competition (perhaps with a gold coin donation to enter)
  • Pin the Pom-Pom on the Beanie (again, request a gold coin donation, with the closest Pom-Pom placement winning a novelty prize)
  • Brainiac – General knowledge trivia with some stats about Brain Cancer
  • Team Beanie – Get your sporting team to all wear beanies during Beanie for Brain Cancer week
  • Fill a beanie with a bag of chocolate or jelly beanies and run a guessing competition. For a gold coin donation per guess, the winner gets the bag of beanies and part of the cash, with the rest adding to your MHF Beanie Day fundraising total.

Decoration and Promotion

theming and decoration 2Make sure your event stands out from the crowd!

For school events, get the kids involved making posters or flyers to help raise awareness. This is also a great opportunity to talk to students about charitable giving and brain cancer.

Or, visit our resources page and download our posters and flyers, all ready to be filled in with the details of your event and plastered over your workplace. MHF also have limited amounts of Beanie Day bunting available to brighten up the room - but of course, the best decoration is a room full of people with beanies on their heads, smiles on their faces, and deep pockets.

On that note, make sure there's a money box on the table. Every cent counts!